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However, generally speaking, a slower narration is better than a speedy one. An indecent accent can ruin a whole book no matter how great the content is; meanwhile, an authentic accent will add depth to the characters and their behaviors, catch your interest and drag you into the story. The ability to imitate various accents makes a narrator suitable for all kinds of voicing, e. Some of the narrators may take a month to narrate a book and the most efficient ones can finish 4 to 5 books. Some poorly produced audiobooks may even contain all sorts of weird noises while the volume of different chapters varies.

Smooth editing will make the audiobook an intact work of art; the poor editing, instead, will ruin the devotion of the narrators and the immersion of the readers. If you listen carefully, you can tell if the narrators are fond of the story they are telling: A narration without emotion will make a Shakespeare story dull and mediocre. With the help of audiobooks, it is a bit less hard to create your own business while working for your boss. Reading a physical book is a better way to keep yourself engaged and learn something, but if for some reason, you have to listen to audiobooks, you do it the right way.

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By following the tips below, you will be enabled to turn audiobooks your secret learning weapon and outmatch your competitors who cannot be used to filling idle time with audiobooks. Before we jump into other tips, there is one thing you should keep in mind: Hearing the words is good, but understanding the meaning is more important. You should stop for 5 to 10 minutes after every 20 to 30 minutes of audiobook listening. The time required is flexible. It is not necessary to read your books but instead of a shoddy gadget, a decent one always makes you more willing to put it on.

There is no need to put too much money on it — just upgrade your equipment to an appropriate and affordable level. Taking notes is a good habit if you want to learn something from audiobooks. Noting the information down can help to memorize them, and it would be easier for you to come back to the notes than re-listen to the audiobooks. It is impossible for most of us to get all the information from an audiobook on the first time. Many audiobook sites and apps allow you to change the narration speed.

A proper speed of voice can help you accept and memorize the information. Usually, the 1.

How to open an m4b file in windows

If you can handle higher speed without feel uncomfortable, you can pursuit 2x. The Audible app even provides 3x speed, which enables you to finish a 6-hour book in 2 hours — of course, it requires some training and talent to go for 3x or else you may lose many details and feel tired. They can choose slower narration speed like 0.

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How can you find that time for your listening? Bedtime is one of the perfect times to enjoy audiobooks. You can set all the worries aside and turn off the light. Usually, you have 10 to 20 minutes before falling asleep. According to a research by Harvard Medical School, recently learned information can be reactivated in dreams, which could improve mind power. When you finish an audiobook, it would be perfect if you have a group, some friends or some family members to discuss it. Sharing your experience with this audiobook can strengthen the retention.

Their opinions on this book can also help you understand the book from different angles. Walking, jogging, dumbbelling, riding an exercise bike… these cardio workout routines were born perfect partners of audiobooks.

M4B File (What It Is & How to Open One)

A study by Goethe University in Frankfurt also shows that light exercises can increase your cognitive prowess. Now you know all the tricks to improve your audiobook retention and have better listening experience. Make some changes to see what surprise they can bring to your life. Although we keep saying that listening to audiobooks can be done while you are busy with work or daily stuff, it is always pleasurable if you can find some time, lie down on your couch, make yourself a drink and put on your headphone, doing nothing else but delving deep in the story.

Normal reading as well as relaxing audiobook enjoyment takes time, which needs you to let go of what you are doing and focus on the listening. Fortunately, there are still many day jobs that allow you to have some audiobook fun. If you work in a bookstore, you may be busy with dealing with books and watching your readers.

On one hand, that does not give you much time to sit down to read a paper book; on the other hand, you get to listen to audiobooks all the time. Reading a book without having to manually turn a page in a place full of books, what a fun! If you are working as a receptionist at a front office desk, you may be feeling the need to fill your time with some useful knowledge for better service, promotion and even job-hopping.

If your business does not have that many visitors to greet and telephone calls to answer, you should go for audiobooks from time to time because mostly, you are waiting. Provided that you are an owner of a flower shop, what would you do when you are not taking care of flowers? Put your earbud on for some audiobooks. However, if you are a long-haul trucker, you may need to stop the truck somewhere and rest for a period sometimes spend the night on the truck — perfect chances to et audiobooks going.

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If you are a full-time mom, listening to audiobooks can always release you from the tiredness of taking care of kids especially smaller babies and doing the household duties. Meanwhile, if you plan to go back to work when the baby is old enough, it will do you much good if you charge yourself with some working expertise and skills from audiobooks. If you are not a full-time mom, but just doing a nanny job, we suggest you completely focus on the baby. Technically, this is not a job, but obviously, you will have more time than working adults.

Learn something from the audiobooks for your future! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Table of Contents. Start by transferring the M4B file to iTunes. With the device plugged in, click or tap the phone icon in iTunes to switch the window to the iOS device.

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Choose the Audiobooks menu on the left side of iTunes. Another option is to rename the extension from. M4B to.

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An M4B audiobook that you purchase versus one that you download for free from a site like LibriVox is likely protected by DRM, meaning that it will only play using authorized computer software and devices. For example, most M4B based audiobooks that you purchase from the iTunes store are DRM protected and will play only in iTunes and devices authorized via iTunes. None worked for you? We are glad to hear that you solved the problem.

What method have you tried? You can try another one and see if it works. Happy to hear that you managed to convert. Thank you very much!! Finally a free way to convert audiable books. I tried with media. Which method did you try? Did you follow the steps as they are in the article? Try to repeat the steps again, you should no longer encounter any errors.

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