Embedding youtube video into powerpoint 2008 mac

Use a frame from your video as a poster frame Click Play to play the video until you see the frame that you want to use as your poster frame, and then click Pause. Use a picture as a poster frame Select the video on the slide. Newer versions. Which version of PowerPoint for Mac are you using?

Newer versions Insert a video from your Mac In Normal view, select the slide you'd like to add a video to. Use a frame from your video as a poster frame Click Play to begin playing the video. Insert a video from your Mac On the View menu, click Normal. Click Insert.

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Steps to download video from YouTube and embed into PowerPoint:

Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback! A special tool will become available in the ToolBox for the selected movie. In the tool you can change several features of the movie's presentation, including:. To use Flash FLV video--the content of most streaming video sites on the web--you need to load a special codec into the QuickTime engine which controls the video content of PowerPoint Mac. You can do this by installing the software Perian Mac. Perian Mac will permit you view FLV movies on a Mac using QuickTime and will permit you to edit those videos if you have the right editor installed on your Mac.

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Perian Mac also adds capacity to view other kinds of sound and video files on the Mac. Here are many different online services that will download YouTube and other video content to your computer.

Here are just a few:. You generally need to copy and paste the URL for the video into a window.

Part 1. Embed YouTube Video to PowerPoint in the Easiest Way

So you will need to access or choose the item first. The iTunes options includes items in the iTunes library, including Podcasts.

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You can also select files in the customary way The hyperlink will open the streaming media in the web browser which is the default for the computer. During the slide show, the hyperlink will be active. Clicking on it will launch the browser and start the streaming media.

For help from Microsoft: Click Here! Jump to: Videos and audio files can be "embedded" in PowerPoint slides. Play a scene from a movie Illustrate a point Let the author speak for him or herself When embedded, the files can be set to automatically start when the slide appears or at the interval you want.