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March 18, at I just saw this thx and man lsof states some more so this: December 19, at February 18, at Great post — saved me a lot of time moving to dev on OSX. It's a bit overkill, so I added color to the output for good measure. Since I'm not going to be able to remember, or want to type, this behemoth.

I put it in a bash function and then just call that when needed. Here is said bash function:.

Finding the pid listening on a specific port on Mac OS X - Jayway

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Jonas Jonas 1, 6 23 However, the output is quite hard to read, but lsof was a bit better, thanks. You need to use sudo lsof Without the sudo, lsof can only see processes you own, and hence won't show any ports opened by system processes. I just did, turns out the -v flag turns that on.

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The pid will be in the second-to-last column. Why "listen" and not listen? What does this command do? Network sockets count as files, so each open network socket either listening or actively in use will be listed in lsof.

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One my machine at least, this answer takes 0. The difference is the -i4 switch, to only look at IPv4 addresses. The simplest method is to use netstat: So, this is what I quick put together: Here is said bash function: