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Spark is an impressive email program that auto-organizes your inboxes and lets you postpone email easily as well as send quick one-click replies. Spark's "Smart Inbox" bubbles messages that are important to you to the top, and uses categories of Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. Spark's scheduling feature allows you to assign a time period during which it will send a particular message. Select from times later today, in the evening, tomorrow, or on any date. Download Spark. Whether it is pointing out key mail and letting you deal with spam in bulk, offering to snooze incoming emails and track the outgoing with the option to block others who are tracking you, or finding emails fast and saving searches for re-use, Canary Mail is one impressive IMAP email program.

Download Canary Mail. Aimed at the professional email user, Mailspring boasts mail merge, reminders, and the option to schedule mail—all available in a pro edition. With the free version, you get a clean, highly productive and expandable email program that includes thrills such as link and open tracking, quick reply templates, and undo send. However, the free edition is limited to 10 accounts.

Download Mailspring. In addition to all you would expect from a smart, basic email program, Polymail lets you postpone email to be read later and tracks whether the emails you have sent were read. The paid versions add message templates and other features, but the free version includes basic email tracking, calendar scheduling, read later, and undo send features. Download Polymail. Thunderbird is no longer in active development except for security updates, but it supplies a streamlined interface and a powerful email package.

Download Thunderbird.

What You Need to Know Up-Front about Email

Some may find the message editor lacking a bit in power, and the absence of support for encrypted email is unfortunate. Spark gives time back to all those who live by their inbox. Spark is another modern, attractive app, but this one is designed to help you get through your emails fast. Boasting fewer features than Airmail, Spark gives you a streamlined interface designed to help you see the emails that are most important, and be able to deal with them quickly.

Spark has intrigued me for some time now, and having just spent two weeks using it, I like it. It also separates less important emails, like newsletters. Important emails are less likely to be lost in the crowd. You can work through your inbox very quickly using Spark. You can use multiple, configurable swipe gestures to archive, delete or file your messages. Reply to emails instantly using an emoticon, which does everything you need including sending the email with a single click.

Or, like Airmail, schedule your email to be sent at a later time. Also like Airmail, Spark allows you to postpone an email so you can deal with it later and works together with other apps, though not as many as Airmail. Get Spark Mac App Store. Breaking news: Dejalu , from the developer of Sparrow, looks very promising. Instead, MailMate aspires to be the most powerful, the most flexible, the most efficient, the most standards compliant, and the most secure email client.

Most of the more modern apps seem to focus on smoothing the workflow of managing email overload rather than the needs of power users. To gain that power, we need to look at the apps with a longer pedigree, and a bigger price tag. MailMate is the most powerful email client available for macOS. Rather than focussing on ease of use, MailMate is a keyboard-centric, text-based email client designed for power users.

Like the previous two apps, it boasts a universal inbox and integration with other apps. MailMate aims to be standards compliant, rather than cater for every proprietary system out there. But what it lacks in good looks, it has in features and lots of them. You can build up a complex set of rules that filter your mail to display the required emails. A judicious use of smart mailboxes will allow you to automatically organize your email in all sorts of ways.

Standards compliance means that MailMate is text only.

Selected features in eM Client

So the only way to apply formatting is to use Markdown syntax. It was created by John Gruber, and you can learn more on his Daring Fireball site. Email headers in MailMate are clickable. This is surprisingly useful. You get the idea. Better still, clicking on several items in the header will filter by all of them.

So, for example, you can easily find all emails by a certain person on a certain day. MailMate contains many more powerful features and is extremely configurable. Get MailMate. Postbox is another powerful app. While not quite as powerful as MailMate, Postbox has some unique features, has been around for a while, and has a slightly more modern interface.

You might want to check it out. It places a special focus on security, and these features are turned on by default. Your email is encrypted, so no one except the recipient will be able to read it. Encryption can be configured and turned off. A slew of other features are included, such as highlighting important emails, natural language search, smart filters, read receipts, snooze, and templates.

Also available for iOS. But the app is highly rated, receiving an average of 4. If you work in a Microsoft environment, then you already have Microsoft Outlook. Your company may require you to use it. You may be using Microsoft Exchange as the backbone of your email, and Outlook arguably has the best Exchange support out there. After all, Microsoft invented it. Also available for Windows and iOS.

Unibox is quite different to the other email clients listed here. Rather than listing your email messages, it lists the people who sent them, along with a helpful avatar. When you click on a person, you see your current conversation formatted like a chat app. By clicking a button at the bottom of the screen, you see every email sent from or to them. The contact list on the left is sorted by the date of the last email and each person is displayed only once.

If you love the idea of making email more like a chat app or social network, have a look at Unibox. Maybe it will for you.

If your job is all about keeping track of sales contacts, then Polymail was designed for you. The app is free, but Pro, Team and Enterprise plans unlock additional advanced marketing features. But the free version has plenty of features and is worth considering on its own. Each contact has a clear avatar, and besides seeing the email you selected, you see some information about the contact, including social links, job description, and your past interaction with them.

Best free email alternatives to Microsoft Outlook for Mac - CNET

Emails and attachments are listed separately on the same list. The app contains a lot of useful features, including read later and send later. You can unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click, and swipe messages away. But the real strength of this app is when you are dealing with your contacts in a sales context. When sending emails, you can get a jump start by using templates. You do this when composing the message by clicking on Follow Up and selecting the required number of days.

Another highlight of the program is tracking and analytics. The basic features are there in the free version, but you get a lot of extra detail when you upgrade. An activity feed allows you to view all of your tracking in one place. For more power, the app can integrate with Salesforce. Free from the Mac App Store. Learn more here. Still not sure if you need to spend money on an email client?

Apple Mail is easy to set up, and easy to use. It supports swipe gestures, lets you sketch with your mouse, and even add your signature. And power users can use smart mailboxes and mailbox rules to organize and automate your email. Google offers a second, quite different app, Google Inbox, which attempts to keep your email organized and easier to process. If you like these web interfaces, but prefer the experience of an app, you can, but not all options are free.

And finally, there are web services that provide additional features to your email system, whether you use webmail or an email client. Two popular options are SaneBox and EmailPet. Mozilla Thunderbird comes to you from the people who create Firefox. Thunderbird is easy to set up and customize, and it does more than just email. Another free option is Mailspring , which was formerly known as Nylas Mail. It comes with some nice-looking themes, including a dark mode, and it, too, works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Mailspring is a more modern and professional app than Thunderbird and includes features such as conversation view, email scheduling and reminders, a unified inbox, touch and gesture support, and lightning-fast search.

Pro features include templates, contact profiles and company overviews, follow-up reminders, message snoozing and actionable mailbox insights. That sounds a lot like Polymail, so this is one versatile program. Hi, I still use eudora on a mac but have to change. I like the multiple mail boxes, but most surveys dont mention that. Do you have suggestions for good handling of multiple boxes and how to transfer existing boxes.

I wished that Eudora was still there for us to use. It was easy and at the time so much better than Mac Mail is today. Thanks Adrian for this very informative list — am trying out Spark, and finding it great so far! Spark has privacy issues that should be pointed out. Thunderbird is not bug-free. After many, many years of loyalty, I now have to switch out of it because it is mis-behaving badly — on my mac.

For example, clicking on a subject line could bring up the wrong email. And others. So because I have a number of local Thunderbird folders containing important stuff, I need to be able to import those folders into the new one whichever one it is. I see that Airmail has good reviews — do you know if Airmail supports importing folders from Thunderbird? Thank you for researching and presenting this information. Now I think I can figure out what to do. I was looking for the most secure email program. I would think having the server empty after you download new mail is most secure, because hackers and advertisers are more likely to check your emails on the server.

I also have Apple Mail running. The unintended consequence of downloading with Thunderbird with POP3 set to erase from the server was to erase the contents of my Apple Mail inbox. So you have to decide. I think I will try Airmail 3. I disagree. The airmail messages list renders in tiny, grey font, impossible to read.

I also have to disagree with your comments on support. I found them rude and frustrating to deal with. No longer free or available through the AppStore. Free 14 days trial. Airmail has bugs and issues handling Google Groups. Have you tried which client syncs better with Google groups to send emails to your team?

Hello Adrian Thanks for the thorough job you ahve done with this post. Unfortunately, I am searching for something that will work better with my gmail account. Thunderbird I have tried but started giving me the spinning ball too often. The time I wasted on Opera Mail, which started badly when the first instruction was once in Opera browser to use drop down menu from Tools, which was not visible anywhere in my version of Opera.

The Best Email Client App for Mac

Ah, well, Xmas is coming …. It might be good to note above that it requires OS I tried to find an earlier version butno luck! So far, Spark is the only email program that easily allows me to easily import mail from icloud, webmail, and Google with no issues. I have had multiple problems doing this with Apple Mail. Google seems to want to put half my emails in All Mail, bypassing the inbox completely. So far, Spark has done the best job. For privacy, I use Proton Mail.

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Paid for and love it. Hi Does one of these email clients allows us to add tags to an email? Or the possibility to add attach a comment to an email? Your email address will not be published. We receive more emails today than ever before Email remains one of the favorite ways to communicate online. Email has some security concerns Email is not particularly private. Email is a client-server architecture Your email client is an application that downloads or synchronizes your email with a server. Most of us access multiple email addresses from multiple devices Many of us have several email addresses, and most of us access our email from several devices, including our smartphones.

Email may seem out-of-date Email has been around for decades and can look out-of-date next to modern social networks and instant messaging apps. Who Needs a Better Email Client? But if you relate to any of these comments, you may find that an alternative email client will make your life much easier: I receive so much email I find it hard to find the important ones.