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I see alot of people are having this problem, not just me…. It was so frustrating trying to figure out something that seems so simple as skipping to the next line within a cell. I think it was an inside joke by Microsoft played at the expense of Mac users. Darn Microsoft!

I still love my Mac! Spent 15 minutes trying to figure it out hitting all kinds of combinations, googled and found you. Son of a gun! Thanks for this post. I agree with the previous commenter of … 5 years later, your post is still life saver! Thank you, thank YOU! Thank you very much!!! For ever this post would be helpful if mac still chose with this awkward combination of keys. I was going crazy not knowing how to do this so-very-often required feature of adding new lines to an excel cell on Mac.

OMG, amazing! Thank you!!! I think I tried every combo but this one, haha. Thanks for this information, as did many others before me, I searched Microsoft help and could not find this information, even though I do it all the time on a Windows OS.

How to Start a New Line in Excel Cell – Quick Tips

Thank you so much! Have been searching quite some time to figure this one out. Much appreciated. You just saved my life…. I have been going crazy and needed to get this task done ASAP. Your email address will not be published. Soo helpful. Use a linebreak in Excel on Mac

I was unable to find the answer in the Mac Excel help. This is great, Bless You. You are my best friend in the whole world, this has been driving me insane. Worked like a charm. Thanks for taking the time to post — it saved me plenty. Thank you so much. I will postpone running amok in Redmond with an ax. I was going crazy over this — thanks so much for posting — much appreciated!!! Thank you for not only figuring this out but also sharing it with the rest of us! Just the information I needed right when I needed it — thanks for posting!

Cheers Paul. Another thank you from me. Why do Macs always need to Think DIfferent? I am a recent convert to the mac. Thank goodness for friendly virtual neighborhood bloggers! Thank you very much!! Sometimes you think things like these are going to be really to find out for yourself, but you find yourself pressing every available key with enter and when nothing happens you can get really frustated!!! Thanks again! Thank you so much. I needed to know this for a work project.

Now if only you could explain the LOST finale. Thanks so much for this! I spent a good 15 minutes searching all over the web with no luck plus at least that much time asking various people in my office! Posted 2: Thank you: I finally decided to look for a solution and here you are helping to make me just a little less crazy. And another Thank you! Timeless info, you posted this over two years ago and still helping folks every day.

Hi all, I have a document with over 1, subtitles for a film I have it in both Word and Excel versions. Most of the subtitles have 2 lines, which are separated with this character: How can I do it in Excel for Mac? Or is there a way to paste a Word table which has line breaks within the table cells into Excel, keeping the line breaks?

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Thanks, Beck. You rock. Aces, thank you. It makes me weep. Thank you!

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I was having the same problem trying to negotiate the mac to perform this action using two key combinations based on my prior PC knowledge. When I googled help your instruction was the first thing that popped up: New on Mac Excel, after more than 10 years of Windows! I had no idea on how to do it, and definitely no clue on the possibility of using 2 keys! This little nugget of help was brilliant in the simple way it was written.

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Beyond Fabulous, Thanks! You are a true lifesaver. Oh yes. And big thanks to whoever it was pointed out the MacBook keyboard variation.

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Heroes, one and all! Posted 3: It is so helpful to have knowledgeable people willing to put this stuff out there so dummies like me can find it …….. Posted 4: Anyone got a key combination for inserting a page break? Thank you for this. Greatly appreciated. Thanks for posting this.

Trying to figure these things out sometimes takes so much time and being new to Macs appreciate the tip. Good job. I thought not! So awesome.. I was finding it a pain in the neck to hit the space bar the whole time.. Could not find in the excel help section. Thank you!! It has taken me 12 months with my new Mac of going round the bend trying to work this out…until I found your site. Many thanks for this: Thank you a whole lot, now if you have any idea how to have the set background image print, please share.

Also, someone had a question about removing a line break in a cell. I just tried putting the cursor at the beginning the next line and hitting delete, and that seems to work. You saved me: Thanks a lot! Thanks Appreciate you taking the time to publish this little tip which has obviously been greatly appreciated by many! No, this tip is for creating linebreaks within a single cell. You have no idea how incredibly useful this is.

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Almost more useful than spellcheck itself. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Another fan—your tip improved my day. Thank you for taking the time to share. And, you were at the very top of the Google search results. You just saved me from wasting another 40 frustrating minutes trying to figure this out — on deadline! May blessings rain upon you! Thank goodness people take the trouble to post these kinds of tips — this saved a bunch of time. Thank you so much for sharing this. Extremely helpful and you saved us a lot of time.

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Appreciate it! Your post is still helping people around the world. Still applicable in ! So glad excel is smart enough to tell us this info themselves! Thanks for the excel tip. This really keeps the cells looking clean. You need to double-click directly in the cell that you want to put a line-break. Beck can afford web hosting, so shall it be. Thank you for restoring a bit of my sanity.

I wish Microsoft produced printed manuals like the old days but I guess Googling is still faster: Thanks so much… couldnt find it in help anywhere grrrr I also moved from PC to Mac… very disappointing in some regards. And I needed to know how to put a linebreak in Excel for Mac, in order to submit a report. Thanks for posting the tip. Geez, thank you! I guess this post is the post that keeps on giving.

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I was just having a laugh with my Dad the other day about how spreadsheets are what turned the PC from a toy to a business tool. Wish Apple would understand that…. Thank you so much for this…my Masters Dissertation is just that tiny bit better becuase of this. You rock!!! Thank you!!!! OMG, Winblows! Anyway, thank you Ian Beck. I never post to these things no matter how good the help has been but today I am. Thank you Ian Beck, for taking the time share. Happy Holidays. Thank so very much for much needed help. It was really annoying me, as I use a PC at work and a Mac at home and just could not work out how to do it!

I love that your post from is still found useful today, funny how something so little and what seems simple can be quite annoying when you just want it to work: Thank you -just using a Mac for first time and love knowing things like this, grateful to you -muchas gracias, sir! Took me a while to figure this out, and I figured it could be useful for others.

Ian Beck says: Doesn't work for me. Jared Jared I tried this in Excel for Mac , and it works. The fn causes the option key to become the alt key. Martin Erb Martin Erb 9. FN does not cause option to become alt — option and alt is the same thing. You do need the FN key. Nika Mamulashvili Nika Mamulashvili These don't add a line break in a call, they switch to edit mode in the cell, allowing to type text in the cell.

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