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VideoLAN software is licensed under various open-source licenses: Design by Made By Argon. Toggle navigation. VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organisation. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols.

Version 3. Mac OS X Otherwise, if you are updating from TenFourFox 38 or 45, no special steps are required.

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If you are updating from or still use Firefox 3. Before updating, open the Bookmarks Organizer in Firefox 3. You should not use Firefox 3.

How to Convert FLV to QuickTime on Mac OS X

Make sure you select the appropriate build for your Mac from the main site download page. The G3 version will run on any supported Macintosh, but it will not take advantage of the additional features of G4 or G5 processors. The G4 and G5 versions will not run at all on a G3, and the G5 version will perform badly or crash on non-G5 Macintoshes.

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All current downloads are hosted on SourceForge. We recommend getting the most recent version directly from the main TenFourFox website , but you can also browse files in the secure TenFourFox SourceForge repository if you prefer.

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If you are using a G4, you should try to choose the correct version for your processor generation or "G4e" as performance may be impaired if you run the wrong one. If you don't know which type you have, we can help. If you are in a high security environment, on a network where the integrity of your downloads cannot be guaranteed, or just want to verify the browser downloaded correctly, you can certify the integrity of your copy of TenFourFox with a checksum. It also contains specific optimizations and special features for PowerPC processors.

For this reason, it is not exactly the same as Firefox. However, it is intended to be as compatible with it as possible, including most add-ons and most standard features. Because its foundation is based on what was originally Firefox 45, you can treat Note that add-ons which require an Intel Macintosh will not work with TenFourFox, even if they are otherwise compatible with Firefox 45, and add-ons that require Plugins on PowerPC are of special concern because Mozilla is making updates to their plugin architecture which may require the plugins themselves to be updated, and there are certain difficult-to-correct bugs with them already on Tiger.

Most importantly, QuickTime, Java and Adobe Flash for PowerPC are no longer maintained and have known security risks that can crash, perform malicious operations or leak data, and Flash For these and other reasons , TenFourFox does not run plugins and they cannot be enabled. Bug reports will not be accepted. Sites will now act as if no plugins were installed at all. Earlier versions that allowed an undocumented plugin support mode are no longer supported.

To play H. This allows many videos to be handled in QuickTime Player directly. You can also download videos for separate viewing using Perian and any of the available video download add-ons for Firefox.

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  6. When you press the red record button , the Screen Recording window will hide itself, and you will be greeted with the following instructions:. As declared, clicking once anywhere will begin recording the whole screen. If you have multiple displays, it will begin recording on the display you clicked on. If you want to record a certain area, instead of clicking, just drag around the desired area with your mouse.

    Once you've adjusted the borders, hit the "Start Recording" button in the middle to begin recording. Once you hit the stop button in the menu bar, QuickTime Player will stop recording and show you what you have just recorded. If you press the Esc key before you start recording, you'll return to the Screen Recording window where you can choose your options again.

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    If you press it while recording, the Screen Recording window will appear again and become a part of your recording. The Screen Recording window will give you information like time elapsed, file size, the volume meter and slider if also recording audio , and you'll have to stop the recording directly from there instead of the menu bar. This can be useful if you're recording a certain part of the screen, then having the Screen Recording window present, but outside of your selected recording area, can help you keep track of file size, time, and can let you know if the audio is too loud.

    If you like what you see, you can save the video as a. MOV file.

    Older versions of Mac OS X and VLC media player

    You can also just click on the red X button in the video window, and it'll prompt you to save it before exiting. Naturally, the resolution of the recording is the resolution of your display if recording the full screen. For example, if recording an entire x pixel display, then the resolution of the recording will be x as well.

    One more thing to keep in mind is video quality. Generally, QuickTime will do a fine job of recording your screen.